Whether you’re a current Homefield Energy customer or looking to enroll, we want to make the transition to your new home as easy and seamless as possible.

For Current Customers:

If you’re a current Homefield Energy customer moving from one community we serve to another, we hope you’ll continue to choose an energy plan from Homefield Energy. We appreciate your business and would consider it a privilege to continue to serve as your energy provider.

To stay with Homefield Energy, you’ll need to re-enroll so that we can link your account to the meter at your new address. We’ll also need to verify that we still provide energy to your new neighborhood so please have your new zip code on hand as you re-enroll.

Click here to re-enroll.

For New Customers:

First of all, welcome to the neighborhood. If you live in a community we serve, we look forward supplying your electricity at a rate negotiated specifically for your town

You will first need to establish service at your new address by contacting your local utility company. At that time, you should receive your new utility account number. Contact Homefield Energy with your new utility account number and a representative will ensure the new account is enrolled under the plan your community negotiated.

At Homefield Energy, we’re committed to making the right choice easy by offering competitive energy plans.

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