At Homefield Energy, we take pride in offering smart, competitive electric plans that fit your budget and lifestyle. And the best part is that the transition is totally seamless.  

You will still receive your monthly bill from your local utility provider, only now it will include your new Homefield Energy electric supply price. You will continue to contact your local utility for any issues related to billing, service needs or outages.

Check to see if you live in a community currently served by a municipal aggregation program.

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Why Choose Homefield Energy?

Backed by over 27,000 MW of generation, we serve over one million homes and businesses throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Texas. We put our years of experience to work to meet the demands of a complicated and dynamic market. We’re committed to providing competitive plans, exceptional customer service and dedicated to doing what is right. Experience the Homefield Energy difference. Committed to providing competitive plans. Dedicated to doing what is right.