Choose The Right Plan For You With Homefield Energy

At Homefield Energy, we champion the idea that every small business deserves the electric supply plan best suited for their energy needs. It’s why we offer a wide variety of options. Just think of us as a team of trusted energy advisors with one goal—to provide the information and understanding you need to make the right energy choice for your business.

We Make The Right Choice Easy For Business

We know that predictability in electric prices is huge for small businesses and we’re proud to offer stable, competitive plans.

Our plans include:

  • Simple, easy-to-understand pricing and billing
  • No hidden charges
  • Protection against market volatility

Stable Pricing Plan

For businesses that prefer to eliminate volatility, we offer a plan that provides budget certainty. Our Stable Pricing Plan eliminates the need to manage usage by season or time of day.

  • Protection against price and market volatility

  • No special metering requirements

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